Non-destructive testing [NDT]

We offer a full spectrum of non-destructive material testing, essential for the assessment of the tested component’s material condition, without the necessity to interfere with its structure. We carry out analyses of both composite materials and components made of standard construction materials. The offered testing enables to detect and locate any material failures, which may lead to destruction of the structures and allow to monitor the level of their exploitation.

Visual [VT]

Penetrant [PT]

Ultrasonic [UT]

Phased array [PA]

Time of flight diffraction [TOFD]

Our employees have certificates of completion of courses in ultrasonic tests (level 1 and 2), which meet the standards PN-EN ISO 9712:2012, and they continue to improve qualifications in another types of industry training. We are using phased array method which is top notch in ultrasonic testing nowadays.

Due to newest equipment we offer highest standard of the test carried out. We can survey whole construction or only element. Our team can also compare defect spread in time to find out if the flaws are dangerous for further operations.

For flaw detection we use the Olympus Omniscan SX flaw detector and phased array (PA) equipment, which allow to record precise, detailed, cross-sectional images of internal structures during an inspection. We also have the RollerFORM-5L64 probe at our disposal, which enables the continuous testing of large-size surfaces. For smaller elements we use 5L64-NW1 probe.