Material research

Aside from non-destructive testing, CCube offers full spectrum of destructive testing, which can obtain mechanical properties of the material or construction. Different materials may be tested.

Acquiring material parameters in different load cases.

Determination of material


Fatigue research

C Cube has access to newest equipment and research apparatus. This gives us opportunity to connect science with industry. Therefore, we can implement our solutions to many different kinds of industry.

We can obtain composite material properties though these tests:

ASTM D3039 tensile testing, in which it is possible to calculate: Young’s moduli for main orthortropic directions, Poisson’s ratio, tensile strength in two perpendicular directions (main orthotropic directions),

ASTM D6641 compression testing, in which it is possible to calculate: compressive strength in two perpendicular directions (main orthotropic directions) as well as Young’s moduli and Poisson’s ratio if necessary,

Calculating shear modulus and shear strength based on a tensile test of a sample with a balanced and symmetrical system ±45°, on the basis of ASTM D3518 standard.

Apart from standarized testing we are able to perform tests of properties, state of strain and strength of various structural components made of laminates. We can determine the above properties for increased temperatures and, additionally, calculate the coefficient of thermal expansion.

We also offer a full spectrum of microscopic examinations, physicochemical testing, hardness testing, surface roughness measuring as well as chemical and structural composition analyses.